Kosaraju’s Graph Algorithm

Since last november,  I’m taking a Stanford’s + Coursera course Specialization at Algorithms https://www.coursera.org/specializations/algorithms

For me, as an experienced coder this is the most defiant course I´ve done in my career… It is well explained, it goes quickly to the core of the problems; For sure it is the pinch of salt that every coder needs to give to her  programs.

But I’ll wait to  finish this course to post a complete entry on this post about the course.

By now, I would like to recommend you an extraordinarius video that explain one of the most interesting algorithms that I’ve found on this course: The Kosaraju’s Algorithm

It couldn’t be better explained…check it out..:

De por qué la programación debe entrar en la Educación

Well, this is me….the guy at the TEDxGijón 2014 talking about Coding, Kids, Education & Arduino.. it was a huge challenge when the TEDxGijón asked me to give a TEDx Talk  … it was a huge honor, and a tremendous challenge to condense in just 10 minutes everything that I wanted to tell….

I hope you enjoy it