The Software Craftsman, by Sandro Mancuso


I would like to recommend you an exceptional book named “The Software Craftsman” by Sandro Mancuso

So, I’m going to share with you some thoughts about it, most of them gathered on this book’s philosophy (and others like “CleanCoders” by Robert C.Martin)

The “Long Road” that we, some programmers have chosen is to care about our professionalism, putting it first (or at least trying) the “technique excellence”; backing it as professionals that we should be (as I suppose no patient should tell his surgeon where to cut), saying NO where its time to say NO, and not replying “well..YES, we could try to do it in a week”..and at the end, the product quality will be diminished, as the “maintainability” will do, increasing a step more the development times of any other future improvement.

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