Clean Coders: Put a Kata in your life

One of the last books I’ve read is Clean Coder, by Robert C. Martin ;

This book is not about Coding or programming techniques; it is about the professional behaviour… So it is about you, about how you have to behave inside your professional environment; how you have to put first your professional and technical values, and how you have to put them over the table.

Also, as a “Software Craftsman” you have to take into account that from the first key you have pressed in your life, until the end of your career…you will be always learning and teaching..This is a PATH..the path of the Craftsman.

By now, I would like to comment about one of the main aspects of this path…The Practice….The practice is important, and it is very important that it stays out of your work-time…it is your responsibility as  a professional to practice as the musician practice & learn   out his concerts, or  as the surgeon practice & learn out of her surgery operations…. It is your commitment if you are considering yourself a professional.

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