The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (EN)

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Thanks to the David Bonilla’s recommendation, I’ve seen “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”(2013).

What could I say after watching the film? it remembers me the great step I’ve done on this last year 2018. On this year I’ve left behind a lot of fears that actually blocked me. I realized what I am, what is my real value, and I forced myself to remember at each step the value of humility.

The movie talks us about fears that must be overcomed with real facts, nor with fantasies. We must realise that life is a way, where each step counts. Death is inevitable, and if fears block us then we’ll be doing just one thing: To die. Life has many things that are worth, so for them we walk.

On this year, I also realised about the real value that has to be a PROFESSIONAL developer. I’ve take that step that makes you to watch things from another point of view, where you learn to identify those things that little by little are harming you, and also to appreciate what is worth fighting.

Definitely, during this year I have read books that have escorted and lighted me on this way, like “Clean Code” and “The Clean Coder” by Robert C. Martin, and over all “The Software Craftsman” by Sandro Mancuso; they are able to name things by their names, and to show the real value of a developer craft. When you are a programmer that lives it with passion, it could be amazing and at the same time frustrating when you see how things well done are systematically being despised

And this what is also “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” about: it calls us to appreciate our professionalism: The Crafter’s Craft.

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